Maintaining Brand Promise by Jesse Osterbuhr

The article, Making and Keeping the brand promise: How paid and owned media are stronger together, explains the connection between Paid and Owned Media. In the article it states that to more effectively integrate Paid and Owned Media it should execute this four step strategy, “tell the brand’s story, continually deliver content, optimize distribution, and work with specialist agencies” One example of Owned Media in the piece was on the topic of mobile banking. Since customers get to choose who they bank with, each bank’s mobile and online banking interface must be attractive, and easy to use in order to compete with other banks. This is a great example of Owned Media because virtually all banks offer the mobile banking service for free, even though it cost the company money to provide it. The reason they must make a high quality online banking interface a priority is because if they do not, customers will eventually go to banks that offer a higher quality online banking experience. The relationship between Paid and Owned Media becomes much clearer when dealing with corporate social media strategies. On Twitter, a company’s Owned Media would be the brand’s profile which is their “brand-controlled touchpoint”, while the Paid Media would be the promoted tweets that the company pays for. The connection between the two different media types is that the Paid Media, or promoted tweets, drive traffic to the Owned Media, or the brand’s Twitter profile. Thus, gaining new customers, allowing them to become better acquainted with the brand, and giving the brand a chance to create brand preference for their product/service with a customer.

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