Map My Fitness

By Mikayla Cruickshank

As many of you know Nike already has an app that tracks however many miles that you run. Also as many of you know Nikes’ main competitor is Under Armour. Since Under Armor is noticing  that their competitor is able to keep their customers, Under Armour realized that they needed to do the same owned media. The app that Under Armour created is called Map My Fitness. You can use either your Facebook or make a login in after this you can find your city, create a route or even talk to people in your community to see what their route is. This app can help you not only track how many miles that you use but they were one step ahead of the Nike app by including a blog, challenges and being able to calculate a person’s BMI and calories. This app even has it’s own website that has the Under Armour logo and can connect you straight to their website. Map My Fitness app has truly taken over the Nike app and helped with their owned media of the website.

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