Mastercard-Ty Wiley

In the credit card industry, the fight to attract new customers is an ever-continuing battle. Mastercard as well as other companies use rewards programs in order to attract new customers and spend money using their brand specific card.

Mastercard wanted to expand their owned media aspects and they launched a campaign that localized and personalized shopping experiences for their customers. The campaign was based on their previous campaigns that many experiences are priceless. The Locally Famous campaign was well researched and was discovered that people love locally tailored content, it makes them feel important to a large company such as Mastercard.

Four different positive things came from this campaign:

  1. Unique Merchant offer uptake increase by at least 200% (361 offer uptakes in 2012, 1133 offer uptakes in 2013);
  2. Increase brand perception of “Engaging” and “Exciting” by over 100%;
  3. Drive engagement by creating 50,000+ Priceless Sydney conversations;
  4. Drive participation on three levels – garner content views, promote usage of experiences and drive registration (achieve at least 80,000 registrations).

While these facts shed light on the successes of the campaign, it ultimately shows the importance owned media with large companies like Mastercard

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