Nike iD

nike-id-coverBy Aaron McVay

Nike as we all know is a huge company with numerous social media faces and websites but they still need to work on catching a wide swath of customers both new and long held. So a few years back they created an add on to their site that allows customers to create their very own uniquely designed shoes and gear. This alone was a great add on, but they took it further and added a social aspect to the Nike iD site. They created a forum for customers to share their ideas with other people on the site and also allowing customers to share their unique ideas on social media. With is effort Nike seemed to be targeting the “sneaker head” crowd, those who are interested in collecting unique and rare shoes, it also drew new customers who simply didn’t want to wear the same boring shoes as everyone else. Allowing customers to use an owned site from Nike then share it with others and draw them into the site with the promise of great shoes that are also one of a kind created a great foundation of owned media to springboard earned media.

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