NIKEiD iPhone App

Nike created an app for iPhone users which expanded on their current NIKEiD website to allow users to customize shoes at any point in the day no matter where they were via their phones because Nike realized consumers get inspiration from infinite sources during the day, and having the ability to customize shoes at your fingertips was more convenient than waiting until you get to a computer.  Nike is attracting current consumers who are already familiar with their NIKEiD website to use their NIKEiD iPhone app.  Nike realized that even while consumers may note certain things throughout their day, once they got to a computer and starting designing their shoes they were often times lost, and couldn’t remember what inspired them.  According to the article Nike – NIKEiD iPhone App on WARC, “It’s (NIKEiD) not only the engine that creates customized products, but also the tool to capture personal inspirations that form a story.”  Through owned media using their own application, Nike has created a much better user experience for customers wanting to customize their shoes.


Blane Cropp


Nike – NIKEiD iPhone App. (n.d.). Retrieved February 29, 2016, from

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