Open Happiness

by Haley Scanlan

WARC: Coca Cola01

They have multiple owned media channels when it comes to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Channels, Website views, and Audio Spots. These owned media channels combine to create more than 8 million followers worldwide with a reach of 50+ million. They use these media channels for NEW media innovation and use new technology to create a richer experience for the people using their product.

The specific article has to do with youth in Pakistan. They have two main passions, music and cricket. Coke then used these two passions of the youth in Pakistan to speak to them through the various media channels. The youth face far more turbulent times than that of any in other countries and the main objective was to translate Coke’s “Open Happiness” point of view onto the youth with a music festival event. They used their owned media channels to maximize the listenership, attendance, and overall share-ability of the content. By maintaining that presence on multiple different owned media platforms, they experienced key learning tools on an ongoing basis to build up even larger future campaigns. One of the biggest things that I think pushed their owned media above and beyond was their app “Coke Studio: Sound of the Nation”. This app allowed the youth from Pakistan listen to the music that empowered them and helped them kind of escape the turmoil in their country or their lives. For Coke to make this available and to know how much music can move people I think was detrimental to these kids and was a killer way to use owned media even if it was such a simple concept.

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