Oral B: SmartSeries App

By: Alexandria Marx

Oral B provides oral health products to consumers and dentists, with a goal of improving oral health and wellbeing worldwide. In an effort to help users maximize the benefits  of using Oral B products, they created a mobile app that communicates with the electric toothbrush via a Bluetooth connection.  The app gathers data about users physical brushing activity and provides real time feedback on how to correct brushing habits. If you are brushing too hard, for example, a “reduce pressure” alert will appear through the app.

The app tracks brushing history and presents statistics so that customers can see that their oral care routines are improving. The really unique aspect to this app toothbrush combination is that you can not only relay the data to your dentist, but your dentist can also create a specialized brushing routine to be programed in the app.

The target audience for this techie toothbrush and companion app is affluent and educated professionals with a healthy lifestyle and a specific interest in oral health. They would likely already be using electric toothbrushes, so this would be an “up-sell” to current customers.  There are many people that do not brush their teeth long enough and often miss the same spots repeatedly, which can lead to build up and cavities. This break down in oral care stands in the way of Oral B’s brand purpose to improve oral health. The SmartSeries App is an example of owned media to create added value to the customer and offer them data driven advice to improve oral health.

The app also has a feature that can be programmed to pull up your favorite news or entertainment site so you can brush with boredom.

Feature that automatically pulls up a news or entertainment website of your choice

WARC article

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