Pringles and the “Flavor Slam”

By Trenton Ballard

Pringles wasn’t having the best year in 2015, with no sponsorship during the NCAA tournament. So to gain back some momentum, Kellogg decided to pair with trick shot artist, Dude Perfect, and create branded video content that showed that the iconic container for Pringles can be used for more than just holding the chips. With the new tag line “You Don’t Just Eat ‘Em” and the energy from March Madness, the videos and supplemental competition to record the craziest trick shot using the pringles container, the Flavor Slam campaign earned over 141 million impressions and over 3.7 million views of the Dude Perfect video. Their sales went up 22.2%.

Think that this campaign is mostly for current consumers but with the reach that it got, and the non-specific videos, it is entertaining to everyone. The Dude Perfect video and the competition both add entertainment and interactive value to the company.

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