REVOLVE clothing: Owning the Owned First Strategy

By Alexandria Marx

REVOLVE clothing  is a men’s and women’s e-commerce site more than 600 designers 20,000 products in 600,000 SKUs. Revolve has used product recommendations and site personalization to add value to their customers online experience. Revolve recognize the importance of creating A website that adds value for the customer and creates a brand experience that is unique to them. Revolve also has an app to facilitate mobile online shopping. Both of the e-tailer’s platforms utilize a customer account to both add value for the customer by presenting items that are relevant to them and also to acquire data that they can then use to further improve their brand as a whole. Revolve also created a social aspect entitled #MyRevolve where customers are encouraged to photograph their style and share them for the chance to be featured on the site. The Southern California fashion start up site is a great example of a brand that utilized an owned first strategy and has seen tremendous growth as a result of it. The CMO Kolbie Fuller made a statement about their brand strategy in a recent interview with

“It’s not a matter of trying to find the latest gimmick, feature or innovative approach to marketing,” Fuller explained. “The key to success, in my opinion, is developing a phenomenal brand that customers gravitate to, and aligning it with the customer experience. For us, it is about utilizing different types of technology to succeed at both the customer experience and brand mission. Consumers are savvier and starting to recognize whether retailers are using canned algorithms and mass-generated content on their web sites. Personalization is starting to become very transparent, so it’s more important than ever to be genuine.”

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