Scooter’s Coffee




By Kaci Leppky

Scooter’s Coffee is a franchise that started in 1998 in Bellevue, Nebraska. Scooter’s offers world-class coffee, high-quality smoothies, pastries and more and prides itself in providing speedy service and big smiles. Scooter’s owns several owned media channels including its own website, Facebook page, and Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest accounts. Each of these platforms are extremely well thought out and tended to. I think it would be interesting if Scooter’s added to its existing owned media channels and created an app. This app could feature special offers and could be another place to sign up for and maintain Scooter’s rewards program. It also would be another outlet for the company to interact with its consumers. This app could be similar to the Starbucks app where it allows you to pay for your drinks and food as well as redeem your rewards. Another feature of the app could be allowing customers to order their drinks and pay for them ahead of time. Scooter’s already has a great presence online, and I think adding an app could be another great way to attract more consumers, and compete with other brands.


scooters drinks


Scooter’s Website:

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