Sour Patch Kids YouTube

By Cara Oldenhuis

Sour Patch Kids is candy brand that has long targeted its marketing towards teenagers. Recognizing that teenagers response to digital marketing more than traditional channels, Sour Patch Kids used its own YouTube to create a scripted series starring some of YouTube’s biggest celebrities. By using these stars instead of traditional celebrities, Sour Patch Kids was able to engage teens in a unique way. This scripted series, titled “Breaking Out” featured six “hero” episodes and 18 accompanying clips.  and humorously addressed the “sour and sweet moments of high school”. The brand also put clips on Instagram and Facebook. The series was clearly was it recorded over nine million views, prompted more than 12.6 million conversations in October 2014 alone and doubled the brand’s follower count on Instagram. In order to be authentic with teens, Sour Patch kids took a unique approach to highlight influencers on their own brand channels.


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