Starbucks: In the Digital World

ALcBvCnr               Today it is not uncommon for companies to have their own website, social media channels, phone applications, and occasionally have their own blogs. Starbucks is a company who has their own website, phone app, blog, and has accounts on social media channels. This company is well known across the world and is loved by many coffee drinkers. What makes this coffee company so successful? This brand has established the emotional desire that their consumers and or targeted audience crave. This brand does a wonderful job executing personalization and makes the customer feel valued.  The target audience is not necessarily clear.  However, the target audience could be anyone who consumes and or participates in Starbucks services.  Starbucks fully owns all Starbucks stores,,, and the Starbucks mobile app. Partially owned media Starbucks has and uses are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Google+, Tumbler, and etc. is an online community for consumers to express ideas. Thwebpage.pngis website provides many positives for the brand and the consumers.  The website provides a content center, it is convenient to browse, and allows opportunities for feedback. Overall, this website is a strategic owned media move for Starbucks. It allows consumers to state recommendations on what they’d like to see and what their likes are in the company.

Their website and mobile app are another way for consumers to connect with Starbucks. The Starbucks website is great and shows many options like their blog. The mobile app however is something that is probably used the most. The Starbucks app offers product information, store locations, payment services, reward system, delivery service, and an e-gift function. Consumers now can experience all of this by just having the Starbucks app on their phone. This format of owned media has proven to be successful for Starbucks. According to an article called “How Starbucks Went Digital — And Why You Should, Too (Infographic)” stated, “in 2013 7 million consumers of Starbucks were active on the mobile payment system app. The reward program saw growth too with 20% of loyalty transactions being conducted through the mobile app. By having this mobile app it ha14.03.20-Starbuckss reduced transactional charges and lowered operational costs. The app made up 30% of all in-store transactions through prepay and helping improve cash flow.” Overall, Starbucks has shown success with their owned media. The company is continuing to grow.

-Sydney Schaal




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