Sun Valley Lanes (Idea)

On Sunday nights, Sun Valley Lanes has a special they call “Xtreme Boogie Bowl” where customers can bowl for 2 and 1/2 hours for 11 dollars, or 9 dollars with a student I.D.  During this time, they play music videos, there is fog, and special lighting including black lights.  Often there are songs that a group would like to hear, but they don’t get played.  With the vast collection of music videos Sun Valley Lanes has access to, they should create an app to give customers a better experience by letting them request songs.  While this could lead to an unfathomable amount of Justin Bieber or Kanye West, I think that in general people would enjoy the time spent bowling with music they have requested but don’t have to pay for (like a juke box).  The main target audience would be current customers, and anyone else who walked in the door, because Sun Valley Lanes could have signs up informing customers about the app and urging them to download it.  With little customization in the user experience apart from spending hundreds of dollars on your own ball, being able to do something as simple as requesting a song can make a customer really enjoy the time more. Through owned media and creating an app for this, it could lead to bigger and better things for the customer and Sun Valley Lanes in helping establish a more customized customer experience.


Blane Cropp

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