Taco Bell’s Awesome Emoji Campaign

Taco EmojiTaco Bell always does a great job connecting with consumers online, but their new Taco Emoji Engine campaign is unlike anything that’s ever been done on social media. They have a large following on Facebook and Instagram, but are the most active on their Twitter account. Taco Bell always responds to questions, comments, and concerns, either by direct message or replying to tweets. Their most recent campaign on Twitter, which is arguably the most creative, is the taco emoji campaign. Before there was a taco emoji available, people tweeted about their frustration to Taco Bell, most of the time asking, “Why is there no taco emoji?” Now that there is a taco emoji, Taco Bell is taking advantage of it and asking their fans to have some fun with it on Twitter. Today, if you tweet at Taco Bell the taco emoji with any other emoji, they will immediately respond with an image that has already been designed involving those emojis. It’s hilarious, it’s easy for anyone to get involved, it is easy to find on their Twitter page (owned media), and #TacoEmojiEngine started trending (owned/earned media). The only thing I wish they would have done is advertised that they were going to be doing this, so I would have known about it sooner.

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