The Ellen Show

We can start off by saying that Ellen DeGeneres is quite the character. Starting with her Hollywood shows leading up to her narrating movie roles for Pixar. Her face as well as owned social media accounts are recognized by a vast majority of the world. When you take the opportunity to scroll down her Instagram timeline you’ll notice that about every 2nd or 3rd photo is of her in the “Ellen Show” chair with a stared guest. However this isn’t the most entertaining way of advertising owned media on the market but it sure is a free one. In regards to owned media, Ellen uses her own heavily followed platforms to promote her own shows by giving current & potential viewers a sneak peak. She gives her audience glimpses of celebrities such as Kris Jenner, Drake, Ronda Rousey, and Kendrick Lamar. With owned media, Ellen gets the opportunity to show her followers opening trailers of her newest movie, Finding Dory.

Apparently some people say that social media isn’t owned media. Well in this case I can say that Ellen is using Instagram as her personal owned media platform. She saw the opportunity to put her name in front of the world and now gets the opportunity to spread awareness of her shows, events, and sponsored charities via social media.

-Jack Davis

Instagram page below:



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