The Life of Ye

By: Spencer Garrett

No doubt everyone is sick of Kanye’s shit. That may even be putting it mildly, but are we really? Not even close as Ye’s new album and social media outburts prior to the release have net him an incredible amount of media attention. Kanye West is, musically, pretty damn talented with production skills that compete with other talent. His wild personality and pseudo-psychotic episodes are also incredibly popular and attach a brand to his style of music. This is textbook branding and Kanye does it well with over 19.5 million followers on Twitter alone.

His ability to project his opinion without seemingly giving a single fuck is what draws both scorn and adoration alike, and makes for a puzzling brand image. One that, no matter what happens, continues to net interest which sees a positive result in Ye’s eyes at the end of the day. This result is so positive because it allows Kanye to have crazy influence on other brands as well as the products he promotes. A great example is his most album release, “The Life of Pablo,” which was received with mixed feelings that leaned towards the positive with most fans. A popular opinion was how disjointed and chaotic the actual album launch was with Ye posting pictures on Twitter of 4 different album names and a couple different “final” tracklist images that had fans scratching their heads. Even the final album, once released, had fixes to certain tracks and re-releases via random corners of the internet. The result is the most chaotic album launch I’ve ever been a part of.

Just this week, Kanye tweeted out that he’s currently creating a summer album titled, “Turbo Grafx 16,” which is insanity because the album he just released still feels incomplete. I guess he’s just realized through his owned media accounts on various social media that his fans will pay for unfinished work. Truly, Kanye is a branding conundrum. Like watching the beauty of a train on fire as it runs off the rails and explodes.

Calling out critic Bob Ezrin.

Kanye asks for funding.

Turbo Grafx 16


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