Track Your Domino’s Order

Abigail Burt- Earned

Domino’s Pizza has become a major pizza restaurant and delivery store since their one small restaurant in 1960. They are dedicated to making and delivering great pizza with high quality ingredients, while constantly improving their menu to consumers’ wants and needs. They want their consumers to be able to trust that their pizza is in the right hands. Once the craze of online ordering, it became important for customers to receive confirmation that their order was being prepared. Therefore, Dominos created an owned tracker through their online website. The Domino’s Tracker is there to keep the customer updated from the moment the order is taken to the moment it goes out the door. While using the tracker, the customer may engage with it by creating a character that creates your pizza and what the restaurant looks like. This creates a fun and interactive way to wait for your pizza. I also love the feature that it gives exact time updates so I knew when the delivery man exited the store so I could get my money together in time. Here is a link to the Domino’s website so you may track your online order!


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