Walgreens: Walk with Walgreens


Walgreens is a drug store that aims to inspire wellness to their consumers. According to the case study Walgreen’s needed to find a way to take more of an active role in the consumer’s health.  With that being said, Walgreens created the Walk with Walgreens program. This was the first loyalty program that rewards people for walking. The program started with a Walgreens branded pedometer that is used to track people’s steps. When members signed up, they received the pedometer and a free starter kit. Once signed up, the members could visit an online hub to log their progress and receive and redeem instant rewards. The program kicked off by having Walgreens employees participate in it. This program was launched in Times Square on National Start Walking Day. The on-site registration caused attention and celebrities made appearances. Walgreens had a small budget and found ways to use Owned Media to get the word out about their campaign. This company used in-store marketing and merchandising tools to encourage people to register for the program in the store. Walgreens sent out emails and their social media platforms delivered detailed content to their targeted audience. Overall, their campaign was a success. They met their goal of generating positive ROI and the Walk with Walgreens generated 317 times more ROI than any Walgreens initiative within the same time period: April – June 2011. Walgreens campaign is targeting the emotional desire for their audience insight. Consumers want to feel important and want to know that there are ways to stay healthy.

-Sydney Schaal



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