In the advertisement campaign entitled “Photoshop Live: Street Retouch”, a hidden camera, a Photoshop wizard, and a bus stop sign bring to life the everyday people who used the bus systems. Sponsored by Adobe, the advertisement tries to entice people to all the different things you can use Adobe Photoshop for. Based on the technology required to set this project up, Adobe was targeting the average technology-loving person. The brains behind the advertisement showed how the entire scene was created on Photoshop from the beginning.

The ad was created for a YouTube platform, but can be found on Twitter by searching #CreativeDays or Adobe to promote “Adobe Creative Days,” a festival that takes place in Finland and other various parts of the globe. The average person will recognize the brand the software program from the campaign. Individuals that felt strongly, and took the advertisement a step further would participate in the online movement for this festival. The ultimate fan of Adobe would be in Finland participating. Much like the Adobe brand and its different programs, the overall mood of the advertisement was engaging and light-hearted. Creatives behind the ad developed the purpose to show consumers how much fun Adobe products are, and educate people of the limitless possibilities of projects that can be accomplished with the use of their products.

By Alex Loseke

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