Effin Shop

This example came to me when I was thinking about the brands whose owned media sites I visit the most. This brand is a little smaller but it still doing big things and that is admirable to me! Effin Shop is a newer online shopping boutique and I absolutely love their website and their Instagram. They take their social media sites seriously and are always engaging on them. Effin Shop’s Instagram features anything from their clothes, accessories, motivational quotes, promotional messages, and fun pictures of the two owners out doing fun things. There is never a dull moment on their Instagram- they always have something exciting to look at. For a smaller company I was surprised to see how much effort they put into their owned media. I would say their Instagram is entertainment, incentive, and service because the content they post is various. This can tailor toward current, perspective, and superfan consumers because they could easily encourage a purchase, interact with current buyers, and be tagged in posts as well as engage with superfans. I think Effin Shop is trying to grow their smaller boutique and this is a great way to do that. Their website is also very organized, mobile friendly, and easy to navigate through so they are doing an incredible job with that portion of their owned media as well.

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