LeOWNED Oscar Media

LeOWNED Oscar Media

By Jason Gieselman


Leonarda DiCaprio is a major topic every Oscar season and this was no exception. He has long been considered by many to be one of the greatest actors in Hollywood yet has never managed to win the elusive Oscar. This year he was the prohibitive favorite to win the award so the media attention he received was even more than usual.

When he finally won the award he used his time on stage to thank his friends, family, and the crew of the film that won him the award but he then used some of his time to discuss the issues we face regarding global warming. This was a way for him to use his power and influence to spread a message he feels is very important. Simply by him devoting a segment of his acceptance speech to this topic he generated tons of earned media and brought awareness and attention to this issue.

His message obviously resonated with  eco-conscious people but also drew in his fans and supporters as well as casual Oscar observers. It is no secret to Leo fans that he is an advocate for green energy and fighting global warming but by him using this platform to share his message he was able to reach new audiences.


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