Marriott Welcomes Diverse Cultures

Today’s world is a different place in the eyes of our parents generation.  Brands in the United States of America are embracing the idea of LGBT individuals along with that of different ethnicities, backgrounds and beliefs. “According to Apoorva N. Gandhi, VP/Multicultural Affairs at Marriott International, consumer-facing enterprises, by the very nature of their businesses, must be multicultural in practice as well as in image” (Geoffrey Precourt). Marriott is doing their best to create experiences within their hotels so that everyone feels they belong.

Brands today must be diverse and inclusive to make sure they can be appealing to that of multiple audiences. Marriott is aware that these people have money and they want to welcome them with open arms. An example is that of Hispanic Americans who are the fastest growing minority group in the United States. “But if Marriott or any other travel organization hopes to get a share of their spending, they need more than just happy faces flashing up on the corporate booking website” (Geoffrey Precourt). Marriott needs to not only understand Hispanic culture, but to embrace it.

The business issue that Marriott is trying to  solve is that of looking towards the future on a global scale. It is not just one change in making sure that Marriott is diverse and inclusive, multiple tier solutions are required in order for this to be successfully implemented.

Marriott is carrying this out through their owned, earned and paid media channels as it must be relayed across multiple mediums in order for it be successful.



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