Nike On Social Platforms

Nike is great at using owned media.  They have so many sub-sections that consumers can explore, buy from, and become a part of their communities.  An example of this would be through Nike+.  The program, launched a few years ago, was set up to draw in the running community and create something that will always be a part of their lives.  What they have started to do now, is create something even more spectacular.

With Nike+ now, consumers have a wide variety of experience to immerse themselves in.  They can find new routes to run on in their city.  They can challenge their friends to beat their time on a certain route.  They can get tips and tricks to improve their personal records.  The list goes on and on.  What Nike+ and Nike in general lacks, though, is a strong presence on social media from an owned media stand point.

In my opinion, Nike should take more advantage of social media as millennials are becoming older, and starting to buy products on their own.  They know that our generation is what’s most prominent on social media, so pushing their owned content towards us can only be more beneficial for them.  My idea is for Nike to create some sort of contest through social media.  They are all about customization with their products, so why not give consumers a chance to take part in that and have it mean something.  It could be set up like the Lay’s ‘Do Us a Flavor’ campaign where consumers can submit their personal designs.  The top designs could then be featured through social media for the general public to vote on.  The winning design would then be a part of their featured line of products, available to the public to purchase.

Owned media doesn’t always have to be an in person experience.  Using social platforms and social media to a brands advantage is one of the most beneficial things a brand can do to utilize owned media.

Elliot Janssennikeplus

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