Pokémon (yes, Pokémon)

Gotta Catch’em All

By Morgan Kumm

Pokémon celebrated its 20-year anniversary this week. This iconic company has been providing a fantasy world and its creatures to children across the globe, and if you ask a millennial, many will admit to having gone through a Pokémon phase (some may still be in that phase, but hey I’m not judging.).

Being around for 20 years means that Pokémon has undergone some changes over the years. Pokémon has adapted to the online landscape and catered to its customers through its website. This form of owned media provides unique and extended experience to current customers. On the other hand, it is also remains consistent with the brand by incorporating its video games, cards, and TV series.

The website offers value to current customers in many ways through brand unique experiences. Visitors to the site can create accounts that allow them to interact and compete with other users, watch Pokémon TV, view the Pokédex, and more. Overall the website creates a unique experience and community for consumers.

Pokémon is catering to the fact that many children today are very tech savy and are growing up in a digitally focused world. They move past simply trading cards, a TV show, and videos games to an online hub where consumers can access all of these in one place. In return for offering these experiences, Pokémon is able to promote its products in a controlled environment.



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