Starbucks Owned Media


Starbucks has been doing incredible things through with their digital mediums. Their website is visited by 35 million viewers each month and because of that they feel that their website is their main place to build, connect, engage, and share stories on. They have completely harnessed what it means to have owned media and they are taking full advantage in great ways. Starbucks has 54 million global Facebook fans and is one of the most talked about brands on Twitter. Starbucks now created an app with a loyalty program. The app has 10 million active users and was being downloaded at the rate of 100,000 every week. Starbucks is engaging with their current customers in a big way. People have such an attachment to the familiarity of Starbucks and engage constantly with the brand. This app they created give you an entire profile with different options and the people using it are more than likely suggesting it to others- it’s convenient and personable. Starbucks is taking full advantage of digital media and filling the social gap between the person and the place they get their coffee from. This owned media directly generates earned and I think Starbucks is genius for how they have gone about it.

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