Taco Bell-Snapchat and the Taco Emoji-Kaleb Duncan

Taco Bell has recently released the campaign inspired by a single picture that portrays a cartoon man graciously holding a woman with the caption “You had me at “Let’s go to Taco Bell”. CMO of Taco Bell, Marisa Thalberg, says “This truly was what drew me to Taco Bell – to move our family from New York to California.  It’s a story in a simple graphic, you can’t totally make this up. You have to earn it; it has to be latent.” Taco Bell’s new approach to owned media and online campaigns revolves around the idea that a huge part of their audience is millennials that engage with their favorite brands through avenues of digital content and media.  Thalberg says, “it is not enough for our brand to be about our products. We want you to be able to feel our purpose.”  Examples of ways that Taco Bell has interacted and encouraged digital engagement with their brand in the past year include their “adult coloring book” Snapchat campaign where users could draw on pre-made Snapchats and send those back to the company, their taco emoji campaign that encouraged users to tweet Taco Bell a taco emoji along with another emoji and in return received a picture of those two emojis interacting, and finally a shutdown of their social presence to create attention for their app unveiling. This approach to targeting millennials with engaging digital content is not only a way to satisfy existing customers but to engage new ones in their conversation as well.



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