Australia’s OPSM

WARC Post – By Alex Rapp

OPSM is one of Australia’s superior eye-care specialists. They were the main go-to’s until Specsavers came into the game. They offer low-cost vision care at a “good enough” quality. OPSM had almost half of the media coverage Specsavers had and in turn was losing that go-to vision care “top of mind” awareness.

OPSM chose to tackle this problem in two ways.  To create a campaign to create name awareness for the premium vision care and also to combat a general problem in Australia. The issue was that almost a quarter of Australia’s parents had never taken their kids for an eye test. The tests are even free, but the problem was time commitment in a busy day. It wasn’t a pressing matter so it always got pushed off.

OPSM’s strategy and mission was then to create a more convenient way for parents to get their child’s eye health checked, which was also enjoyable for the child. This tackled not only the current customer audience, but appealed heavy to prospects as the children would do a lot of the communicating.


OPSM created an owned media approach with a children’s book in storybook and app form that allowed parents to test their child’s vision. The tools were integrated into the story: Penny the Pirate. This included distance based pictures that had a level to every set distance that allowed the parents to tally where their child was at. At the end they could upload the results from each picture test in the story to see where their child was at and if they need a vision test for eye vision improvement.

Penny the Pirate earned then a huge growth in sales and PR media. All social media platforms blew up and spread the genius idea throughout Australia, and outside the country as well.


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