Damn, Vans!

By Alex Rapp

If there was ever a perfect opportunity to capitalize on a viral video for Vans, this was it. I don’t even need to explain what this is about, because you already know. Not only did this video spread like wildfire, it also had a free product plug. This is something any smart brand would have taken advantage of. This was an opportunity for Vans to be back in the general major spotlight, which rarely happens.

What did Vans decide to do? Vans took a great approach to gain even more exposure. On top of mentioning the video in their social media they created an entire line of all white Vans, for almost every model they offered. While they already had some that were all white, they still categorized them into a full white product line. Take a look  (http://www.vans.com/shop/mens-womens-white-footwear).

Vans wasn’t finished yet, when the two viral stars appeared on Ellen, they offered a lifetime supply of white vans to Daniel. For Vans, this all was practically no cost to them. They already had the best type of earned media, and they didn’t even create it. This would be the perfect world for any Brand. Vans could have taken many different routes to capitalize the exposure, but I think they took the right approach. Vans could have gone overboard doing commercials with Daniel etc., but that would have exceeded the timeline of a viral video like this. It goes huge quick, and dies out quick.


Vans appealed to their current customer and prospects, but most definitely superfans of not even Vans, but Daniel in a different way. Superman of Daniel, Daniel likes and wears white Vans, so I will too.

Overall Vans had a unique, but good approach to massive viral attention they weren’t expecting.


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