Bernie Sanders Utilizes New Form of Political Ads

By: Bridget Anderson

Link to article and commercial

It’s election year. The year when Americans are so used to viewing negative and annoying political advertisements fiercely attacking the opposing candidates. This year, Americans were treated to something a little different from Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders.

Sanders, a candidate who is known for his goals to provide free health care to all, raise wages, protect the environment and grow the middle class, chose to match his positive goals with a positive ad campaign. His commercial, which was aired both on television and online, shows only happy images of Americans working hard, helping others, enjoying life and coming together to support a cause that they all believe in. All of this is shown while Simon and Garfunkel’s single “America” is playing in the background. This campaign brings both entertainment and uniqueness to potential voters.

Potential voters are whom Sanders wants to reach through these ads. The target audience for Sanders has most noticeably been Millennials. Using a positive, feel-good commercial was extremely smart for Sanders to do because that is what will help drive Millennials to vote for him. Many Millennials would much rather see an ad like this compared to a negative ad attacking others. Not only does this ad help Sanders receive the Millennial votes, but it also will draw attention to other adults who are sick and tired of hearing negative ads over the years.

We still have some time to see whether this new form of political advertisements will pay off for Sanders in earning votes from the American people.


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