Cookie Monster and Apple

Elliot Janssen

Apple just debuted their latest feature to the iPhone, hands free Siri. This feature is popping up on devices throughout the technology sphere from all of the leading competitors. Amazon recently released a device that specializes in this hands free assistant. Samsung jumped on the train as well, so it was time for Apple to do the same. Since they are one of the last brands to introduce this feature, they needed to do something that would get them noticed in a really engaging way.

Apples most recent piece of paid media is a TV commercial they ran featuring cookie monster. I think this was so smart of Apple to do. They are not only showcasing the product and how it works in the commercial, but they are bringing their target audience in by creating a sense of nostalgia. People that are my age, and even older, will all remember cookie monster. The sesame street original was a part of most of our childhoods. Juxtaposing the two together create an experience rather than just pushing information.

In a paid media sense, it was definitely smart for Apple to create a TV spot. They needed to get their product out to a wide audience, and quickly. TV advertisements are the best way to do just that. If they decided to create an Internet video or just some online advertisements, it really wouldn’t have the same effect, or have the buzz that they created from the TV commercial. Yes, TV spots can be costly, but I don’t think Apple as a brand should have too much to worry about in that category.

The commercial is short; just one minute in length. But the message is clear, it engages their target audience into the message that they are creating, and they decided on a smart way to utilize paid media. I always enjoy the simplicity of Apples advertisements, but this one in particular drew me in even closer.

Check out the commercial here:


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