UNL: Your Story Matters

By Joe Grobeck

Getting students to come to UNL is always a big task each year. In August of 2014, UNL launched the “Your Story Matters” campaign focusing on all the possibilities that students have when the come to UNL. The commercial takes the viewer through the experience of many different students at UNL. Some of the things included are fashion, business, music and sports. The main point of the commercial is to show that UNL provides you with the opportunity to do what you truly want and is another chapter in “your story”

The commercial first aired during the 2014 Football season opener against Florida Atlantic and has been airing since.Director of admissions and associate dean of enrollment management, Amber Williams said”In this campaign, we connect to a student’s greatness potential.” She continued “We get it. We support it. At Nebraska, the story they’ll write matters because we passionately want them to find their destiny. We want this commercial to help our prospective students see the goose bumps on the way to success that come on this campus.” The slogan “Your Story Matters” was also featured on the University’s website.

“Your Story Matters” Article

“Your Story Matters” Commercial


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