Whaaaat? Lil Wayne and Samsung

By Laura Barker


To promote the release of the new Galaxy 7S Edge smartphone, Samsung has enlisted rap/hip hop superstar Lil Wayne.  Samsung has produced a series of videos featuring Weezy and actor Wesley Snipes that showcase the new, innovate features of the 7S.  “Champagne Calls,” a 30-second clip that shows Lil Wayne pouring a bottle of champagne on the phone to highlight new waterproof technology, has gotten the most attention from the media.  It’s valuable for Samsung to add Lil Wayne to the mix not only because he has influence, but also because it’s a bit unexpected.

It seems Samsung is trying to reach a new audience with these ads.  The Apple iPhone takes the position as the coolest phone on the market (especially for Millenials) and those who pay attention to Lil Wayne are typically young, “cool” people who likely own an iPhone.  Featuring Lil Wayne in commercials for the Galaxy phone is a way for Samsung to get noticed by consumers who are loyal to the competition and ultimately steal market share.  Additionally, the commercials themselves are funny in a sort of mindless way, which appeals to the emotional needs of consumers and short attention spans of Millenials.

The 7S commercials are airing on television as well as streaming sites like Hulu.  It makes sense for Samsung to pay what I’m assuming is a ton of money to Lil Wayne to be in these commercials and then pay even more for the television spots to run them on.  Paid television ads reach mass audiences, and when doing something as big as featuring a modern musical sensation in a commercial, it’s important to get it out to as many people as possible.  The paid ads have driven consumers to Samsung’s owned media channels and more importantly, have created a buzz.

If you haven’t seen it already, I would highly advise you take a peek.


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