Adidas-Speed Campaign

By: Ty Wiley

For the last two years, Adidas has launched a paid media campaign promoting their football cleats. Every year, the #1 event at the NFL Draft Combine is the 40 yard dash. In 2015, Adidas made the 40 yard dash a little more appealing to the young athletes. Rather than just improving their stock in the draft, Adidas offered a $1 million prize to the player who runs the fastest 40 yard dash time, as well as a shoe deal for their time in the NFL.

The angle that Adidas took was an attempt to use paid media to attract customers who may have not used their cleats before. By showing that the fastest players are running the 40 yard dash in their cleats they are creating credibility with consumers. Adidas is a company that for decades has been famously known for soccer gear and apparel.

Adidas paying the athlete $1 million prize is nothing for them compared to the revenue gained and the buzz created from the campaign. Adidas football cleats are now associated with speed and the fastest players in the NFL, making consumers believe that if they wear Adidas cleats over Nike or Under Armour, that they will improve their speed and quickness.

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