ALS Foundation Netherland’s “I Have Already Died” campaign


ALS Foundation Netherlands came up with a plan to show how merciless the disease it through their “I have already died” campaign. The foundation asked ALS patients to make statements that were later released after they died through billboards and posters.

The target audience of this campaign is mostly working people aged from 20 to 50. They were targeting people who are already aware of the ALS disease as well as people who are unaware, in hopes of helping to raise awareness through the campaign.

The problem that was faced were mainly how people are unaware of the disease and how many people it has killed who did not deserve to die. The statements that were released throughout the campaign helped to show how merciless the disease is. The objectives of this campaign were firstly to raise awareness and secondly to raise funds for their research process to find a cure to the currently incurable disease.


The types of media used were mostly paid media. They had billboards and posters all around the public transportation areas such as bus stops and train stations. They also generated earned media through this impactful campaign and many more people were aware of the illness and were willing to donate to the foundation.


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