American Greetings: #worldstoughestjob

Cara Oldenhuis

In 2014, American Greetings created a mother’s day campaign that focuses on their mission to “make the world a more caring place”. In a society, that has placed less emphasis on sharing emotions and giving thanks, American Greetings took a unique approach to making sure that mom were appreciate not only on the holiday, but everyday.

American Greetings did not use a specific paid media tactic such as TV advertisements to share the #worldstoughestjob message. Instead, they placed an ad  for the ‘toughest job in the world’, listing all the details of being a mother without saying what the job actually was.They created a job posting for a company, Rethom Inc. (“Mother” spelled backwards), listing everything moms do under the title Director of Operations. The ad was placed in across 27 markets through online job postings, 14 market newspaper classified ads and two Google-sponsored ad units. This unique paid media approach then turned into an owned media experience, with American Greetings creating an online video that reached over 6 million views in two days. The nearly 733 million impressions led to an 31% increase in sales.

Bu using paid media as only a small part of the campaign, American Greetings was still able to make a big impact on sales.


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