American Red Cross Babysitter Basics

Reagan Bergen

The American Red Cross created a campaign called the “Babysitting Basics”. This campaign was promoted by paid PSA advertisements on television and online. In the ad it depicts different scenarios where babysitters have no idea what they are doing and everything seems to go wrong. As the ad goes on it is narrated by the kids the sitters are supposed to be watching. The kids go on to tell the viewer how this campaign can help teach babysitters the basics of how to watch kids and what to do in the event of a crisis. The American Red Cross created this ad to improve the safety of kids that are being watched by a sitter when their parent/guardian isn’t present. This campaign offers many different resources online through their website and in person including informational course lessons, crisis management scenarios, and quizzes to validate what you know. The audience the American Red Cross is trying to target is young adults who are being hired individually to watch children. The goal is to lessen the amount of hazardous incidents and to transform them into safe environments for kids while their parents/guardians are away.



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