Clorox: Bleachable Moments



The whole theme of this paid media campaign is to solve everyday messy problems that may occur. Clorox uses humor to appeal to families, mothers, and in general anyone who experiences stressful mess moments. They use this method to show that Clorox can really tackle any mess. The desired audience is probably homeowners. Many of these commercials in the series happen within a home. Since Clorox already has a very large audience of consumers currently using the product, these commercials are most likely to show prospect customers the difference that can be made when you start using Clorox. This campaign is also a great reminder for current customers and possibly another reason why they might stick with the brand because they feel some sense of attachment and can relate to the commercials.

In the commercials, the brand poked fun at likely household situations that families may experience. They made “messy” situations and then explained that Clorox is there for you even in those dirty times. Clorox can help solve the problem to your household mess. These commercials add value because it describes the service this product can help you clean up and more importantly it adds entertainment. These commercials started on TV, they are now on youtube, have online ads, and social media. They also now have an earned media aspect because they have encouraged users to share their messy story and use the hashtag #bleachitaway. This campaign was very successful and is well known throughout the US today.


Here is just one of the several commercials in the campaign series:

Halle Unger

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