Comedy Central Capitalizes on Snapchat

Elliot Janssen

Snapchat has taken millennials by storm.  The quick photo-sharing app had now evolved into one of the most important apps on someones phone. Not only that, but brands are now needing to be aware of whats going on with Snapchat.

The app now has features that allow brands like MTV, Comedy Central, and Cosmopolitan Magazine to share content to shapchat users.  Comedy Central took on this feature by sharing whats going on with their TV station, small bits of shows that already run, and segments of stand ups that comedians have done recently.  This is such an important aspect of marketing today because brands can directly connect with a target audience.  People with snapchat have this content at all times, can look at it multiple times, and share this content with others through the app.

This is a new wave in paid media.  Brands can buy spots to be featured on snapchat and really create an experience with consumers.  Not only that, but they can change their content from day-to-day, making it fresh each time someone opens the feature. Comedy Central took this method of paid media and ran with it, renewing their spot on snapchat’s feature for many months to come recently.  Comedy Central may be for more of a mature audience, but by using snapchat, they are able to connect with an audience that may not be the people that watch the network most.  If younger people see content that they like on the snapchat feature, they are more likely to check out the network to see more.

Paid media is evolving. There are way more opportunities than just paying for TV spots or pushing out a thirty-second radio ad.  Finding new ways to connect with an audience is key to being ahead of the game with your competitors, and snapchat is just one way to do that.


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