Curing Type 1 Diabetes

By: Ty Wiley

The Junior Diabetes Research Fund, otherwise known as JDRF, is an organization that strives to one day find the cure for type 1, or juvenile diabetes. Diabetes is a well-known disease, and any person can most likely say that they personally know somebody affected by the disease. An interesting thing about diabetes is the fact that while it is well-known and many can relate to it, the funding is not as significant as other foundations that support diseases such as breast cancer. In this example of paid media, the JDRF advertisers create a video commercial in which children who suffer from diabetes talk about their experience as well as ask for help from potential donors.

It is a great example of a brand that relies 100% on volunteers and donations tapping into their #1 resource, children who suffer and can express the struggles of living with the disease. The ad is heartfelt and intriguing, most people who will view the commercial will remember the content and potentially donate in relation to sympathy evolved after watching.

Along with the children suffering with diabetes paid media is apparent in the fact that there are famous stars, actors and athletes that talk in the video about their life and living with diabetes; and what positives come from donating.

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