Engineering Sustainability: UTEC’s Air Purifying Billboard

By Alexandria Marx

UTEC The University of Engineering and Technology in Peru utilized a unique billboard to attract students to their 2014 intake and reiterate their brand purpose, Ingenuity in action. The University of Engineering and Technology enlisted the help of local advertising agency FCB MAYO in promoting their new campus and simultaneously demonstrating that “UTEC is ingenuity in action and engineers have the power to change the world.”

The construction boom in Lima, Peru meant the city was saturated with construction sites and polluted air. Solid particles in air can cause life threatening diseases like cancer, according to WHO (World Health Organization) which puts both residents and construction workers at risk.

The solution: A billboard that purifies more air than 1,200 trees. The billboard, located on the construction site of the new campus, was equipped with an innovative air-purification system and placed on the site in an area highly visible to the young people commuting to and from the Miraflores and Barranco districts.

The billboard achieved their goal of promoting the new campus and added value to residents and area workers by filtering harmful dust and debris out of the air and reducing their risk of contracting a life threatening illness. The billboard not only eradicated the pollution from their campus construction site, but also provided 100,000m3 of pure air per day to a 5-block radius.

This fresh spin on a traditional paid media medium, billboard/outdoor advertising, paid off for UTEC. They saw a 14% increase in applicants during the 2014 intake and generated a substantial amount of earned media. Press releases and news reports from around the world amounted to $116,084 worth of earned media according to a WARC case study.


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