For The New Direction

By: Spencer Garrett

I’ve never been a huge fan of non-profit college/university commercials, but this one has proven perfect to analyze. Here we have Colorado Technical University, an online educator, attempting to make themselves stand out to further recruitment. The result is a short spot urging those who feel that they think differently than others to enroll in the university to make a future for themselves.

An honest assessment of the commercial leaves me with a dry taste in my mouth. It’s aesthetically pleasing enough and well filmed, but comes off more as the beginning to a B movie than as a college recruitment video. Overall, the spot has generated nearly 2 million views just on Youtube, and that’s ignoring Television impressions. While the reviews of the spot are split nearly 50/50 I’d say it still accomplished a lot. The spot generated buzz, and was well produced. ALl you can ask for as a university is publicity that isn’t negative. This leans more neutral to neutral-positive, so mission accomplished.

Youtube Video:

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