Recently in 2016 Infiniti Motors filmed a paid commercial that is showing different levels of versatility to their brand. We all know that Infiniti vehicles are the luxury edition of Nissan. During this commercial it seams that they’re targeting middle aged businessmen who also need to be versatile with their day. During the majority of the day you’ll be in the office, but the other half will be spent taking care of the kids. This commercial does a great job expressing that the infiniti vehicle is ACTUALLY a luxury automotive selection for when purchasing a car.

During this commercial, I thought it portrayed a number of strengths. On top of the good music, the features of the car were being zoomed in on including the fenders, wheels, and radio. This spot wanted to make you aware of the additional features. When the kids jumped in the car the commercial took an ultimate turn and made the father switch roles completely. This turn of events was crucial in showing how versatile the car as well as your lifestyle can be.

Infiniti TV Commercial – The All New Infiniti QX60 – Dad Collects Kids From The Pool Party – A Crossover That’s Built For Families But Designed For Drivers


-Jack Davis

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