Johnnie Walker – Dear Brother


Talk about being your brother’s keeper. This ad spot depicted a haunting truth that you have to keep walking, even after a traumatic event happens in your life, such as your brother dying.

This ad spot was interesting to me, because it was not developed by an ad firm, but was created by two ad students in Germany then later purchased by the company that distributes and makes Johnnie Walker liquor. By purchasing this student created ad spot they we able to share this ad spot with not just the world, but tailor it specific niche markets all over the world to consumers that would have a strong emotional response to this ad.

The company then teamed up with marketing agencies to find these target audiences. These marketing agencies ultimately found out that, because the commercial tailored to drinkers who want to hold on to memories with loved ones, instead of typical liquor ads (which are tailored to people who want to enhance their night out). This being said, the target audience was people who love adventure and want to share a great liquor to celebrate their emotional memory they have created with their great adventure. This paid spot ultimately, created a strong emotional bond with the consumer that lasts beyond death, which is incredible.

I believe paid media is only effective if you show it to people who care about your message. If you shared this emotional message with drinkers who care about partying and need encouragement when talking to the opposite sex, it would not be nearly as effective. With this, the specific product comes into effect. If you had the same spot with a cheap beer or liquor, people would not fully understand the point the commercial was trying to get across (More expensive the liquor, the more memorable the memory is).

Story telling is what makes great ads no matter what the story is. Not every ad hast to deal with this specific emotion. However, if you can create a story that depicts the emotion that goes hand in hand with the product you are selling, I believe you are always going to have a positive outcome.

  • John Joseph Parker
  • Paid Media Post #1

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