Matt Kortum

Always has long been a strong brand in the feminine product world, but were having a hard time connecting with younger generations, where proof of performance is not enough. Through studies they found that young women experience a drop drop in self esteem twice as great as boys do during puberty. The target was gender stereotypes that start at puberty that define how a young woman should act. To combat that Always launched a video ad showing how cliches and words can negatively impact young girls. They held a fake casting call where they asked young boys, men, and women to act out different things “like a girl”. This resulted in all participants doing things silly and acting out the stereotype, but when pre-pubescent girls were asked to do the same thing, they went all out, with extreme confidence, as they had not yet been effected by negative stereotypes. This is a great example of using paid media to get an important message across while aligning it with a brand image and purpose.

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