Nebraska Game and Parks announces Spring trout stocking schedule:


The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission will stock nearly 41,000 catchable-size rainbow trout in city ponds and lakes across the state this month to enhance spring fishing opportunities. The company claims that angling for stocked rainbow trout in an excellent way to introduce young and new anglers to fishing. If their goal is to attract new young fishermen to the sport, it would be smart to create a paid media campaign that tailors to this specific market.

In order to tailor a paid media campaign to young aspiring fishermen it is important to find out what values this audience cares about and why these individuals care about learning this sport.

By looking at MRI+ data I found out that students who care about learning the sport also are involved with activities such as; studying on east campus, listening to country music, reading up on articles from outdoor magazines, doing activities that relieve stress and give them a sense of peace in their chaotic student life, and participate with other activities that either go along with nature or help protect Earth’s natural resources.

By using this information, I have created a paid media campaign that I believe would help persuade aspiring young fishermen to come to this event.

Over Arching Message: Aspiring fisherman should come to the event to learn from experts a get a sense if this is a sport they can fall in love with

Tag Line: “Combat chaotic student life with fishing in peace”

Print Ad: A series of ads showing different stressful situations students have on a daily basis and how fishing can give you time to process and figure out these life problems.

Paid Media Outline:

  • Have the ad appear in different Lincoln magazines that have articles about outdoor life.
  • Send emails out to all East Campus students about the event
  • Have the ads play on different music platforms when listing to country music
  • Put up flyers around East Campus giving information about the event
  • Create a contest for students, handing out cash prizes to whoever catches the largest fish.
  • Supply beer for students of age?

Ultimately, I want to create a “We care about what students go though” emotional response with the ads. If I can create a fishing environment that is more then just fishing, I believe more students will come to the event. If it is just about fishing, only students who love fishing will come, but by creating this emotional connection, we could attract students who care about relieving stress, which is a much larger audience.


  • John Joseph Parker
  • Paid Media Post #2


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