Old Navy teams with Elizabeth Banks

Old Navy has been around since 1996 and is still trying to stay current with their styles. Recently they have enlisted the help from the popular Elizabeth Banks to be in their commercials.Elizabeth Banks is popular for movies such as The Hunger Games and Pitch Perfect creating a younger audience to see her on TV and want to buy clothes where Banks is getting them.  Banks brings Old Navy a fun and spunky flavor with their commercials. Since their are trying to make themselves better known they are doing commercials on TV and even using Spotify/Pandora in order to get more traffic in their stores. The audience that Old Navy is trying to attract are also the young adults because they are making their clothes more business casual and more wearable for the younger adults like myself. Old Navy has had problems in the past with not getting enough revenue into their stories so making their brand more relevant and hip helps sell the clothes.

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