Scanlan Windows to the World


A0010625EHere is the example of paid media using social media. The company is my parent’s photography business. I am their social media director and I do paid posts  once or twice a month to boost activity on the page. Some of the things we do are contests for prizes, boosting posts and creating buzz about the different art shows around the country that my dad will be displaying his work at as well as journal entries of his most recent European photography shoots.

These are the main things that I pay for on social media because they are the more important aspects of why people follow the brand. We also pay for web banners on mobile devices and desktops in order to put the face of our brand even more in front of the consumer. This is just one of the classes of paid media that the company uses but I feel as though it’s a big piece of the advertising pie that we execute so I wanted to write about it more so than the others.

By Haley Scanlan

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