Start Something


Big Brother Big Sister is a national nonprofit organization that works day in and day out to create better lifestyles and opportunities for children all over the world. The purpose of BBBS is to provide children facing adversity with strong and enduring, professionally supported one-to-one relationships that change their lives for the better, forever. Their funding relies on partnerships and donations. More and more children are needing mentors and this is why BBBS decided to create a video aired on different media platforms, particularly those on computers across the country. The Start Something video shares facts about the 10 million different children in need with the hope of motivating people to volunteer, donate, and do what they can to make an impact. BBBS is targeting anyone and everyone with enough free time and resources to maintain these healthy relationships and commit to these children. Having gone through the process to receive a little, they are looking for a specific type of person to help mentor children, but the advertisement itself is reaching out to anyone that would be willing to help. Particularly, mature millennials and older in bigger cities and communities. The spot tugs at your heart a little bit, either you have the time to spend with a child in need, a few dollars to donate to the cause every month, or know someone that you can share the message with. Moral of the story that BBBS has to share, everyone can make a difference and help create a huge awareness for the children in the world that just need a little extra push. The advertisement was aired in 2010, so it has had time to circulate and create a message for the brand, and with over 85,000 views I am forced to believe that it did well in generating interest in people to get involved.

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