Toyota, Headed in One Direction

If you don’t know who One Direction are, you must have been living under a rock for the last 6 years. A fact that Toyota used to its advantage. Toyota as a brand, wants its customers to be happy, safe, and comfortable in their vehicles. Their slogans for the Vios are “Friend Is Everywhere” and“All Time Friend.” So instead of a normal commercial with unknown people hired to act as friends, they went a different route and hired people who were actually friends. And the fact that these friends just happened to be arguably the biggest boy band in the world was not a coincidence. They knew the types of fans that were behind One Direction and wanted to capitalize on the earned media they would get from said fans. Especially since the band is on hiatus and the fans would do anything to get new footage of them. But in order to do this they needed paid media first. These ads ran on TV and online. These ads have been running for more than a year with different One Direction songs playing in the background of each. Not only did they use One Direction, they used their music to allow audiences to connect with the cars and commercials emotionally.



By Emily Spicka

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