What Does a Rock Climbing and Toyota Have in Common?

Toyota built a real climbing wall in downtown New York City that advertises the newly redesigned Toyota RAV4 Hybrid. The campaign asks folks “How far will you take it?”. The Toyota RAV4 has never been associated as a sexy fun vehicle, instead it has always fallen in the categories of economical, practical, conservative and do I dare say feministic?

With Toyota featuring the climbing wall in NYC, Toyota is targeting young individuals who want a vehicle that acts as an extension of themselves. The vehicle must be adventurous, daring and love the outdoors as much as them! Why Toyota chose downtown NYC where the majority of people rely on public transportation is beyond me but the concept and execution of the paid media spot is memorable to say the least. Another question to ask, what does a rock climbing wall have to do with Toyota? Nothing!

The brand wanted to just attract attention, by choosing Times Square and by allowing just a few hand selected folks to climb the wall attracted the attention of those out-and-about and news media.  The event was success in generating owned media by creating a paid media spot.


  • Nate Olsen



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